ASA & Superman Classic Archery Tournaments

ASA ArcheryThe 12th Annual Superman Classic Archery Tournament and Matthews Solocam ASA IL Pro/Am Championships will be held June 23 to June 28, 2015 at Mermet Lake - State Fish & Wildlife Area, just 11 miles north of Metropolis.

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Superman Classic Archery Tournament - Over $18,000 in prize money. Compete all 3 days for the accumulative prize!

2015 dates:  June 23 - June 25 Superman Classic; June 26 - June 28 ASA Illinois PRO/AM Championship.  

The City of Metropolis sponsors theSuperman Classic,a cash prize archery competition each year prior to the start of the ASA Illinois Pro/Am Championship.  The event is held at Mermet Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area, 1812 Grinnell Road, in Belknap, just 11 miles from Metropolis.  There will be a one-time entry fee and archers will be eligible to shoot 1-3 days, once per day.  Combined prize money for the professional and amateur classes will be $18,000 plus.

Tentative classes to offered include: Bow Novice, Cross Bow, Hunter,  Known Mens,  Limited Pro, Men's Pro, Men's Unlimited, Open A, Open B, Open C, Senior Open, Senior Pro, Super Senior,  Women's Open, Women's Known, Women's Hunter, Women's Pro, Semi Pro, Senior Womens, Senior Masters, Traditional, Youth Adult Male, Youth Adult Female and XBow.   There will be a stake set for pros, one for amateurs and one for women.  Shooters will be categorized based on their ASA Classes.

  The Range changes daily and is open from 8:00am-6:00pm. Register from 8:00am - 3:00pm and turn in score card in immediately after your shoot.  No start times past 3:00pm.

Children are welcome to participate so there will be fun for the whole family. Youth classes are free and each participating youth will receive a prize.   Tentative classes include Youth Girls, Youth Boys, Senior Eagle, Eagle and Junior Eagle.


Pay Outs for the Superman Classic are:

First Place- $80.00

Second Place- $60.00

Third Place- $40.00

Fourth Place- $20.00

Note: if less than four shoot in any class on any day, a $25.00 prize will be awarded for that class that day.

Overall Winners in each class- $300.00

Note: if less than twelve shooting in any class during the entire week, a $200.00 accumulative prize will be awarded for that class.

 For more information, contact Metropolis Tourism at 877-424-5025.

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Superman Celebration

This one-of-a-kind event honors Metropolis’ favorite son, Superman, and is held the second weekend of June each year.  Complete with entertainment, celebrity appearances and even a $1000 Superhero Costume Contest this celebration is a must see event!

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ASA Archery Tournament

For over a decade the city of Metropolis has hosted the ASA Illinois Pro/Am Championship at Mermet Lake - State Fish and Wildlife Area.  Archers from all over North America visit Metropolis for one week in June to compete for cash and prizes and the title of Illinois Champion.