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Welcome to Metropolis, IL

Where heroes and history meet on the shores of the majestic Ohio River.  This All-American town has been a must visit destination for Superman fans since being authorized by National Periodicals (D.C. Comics) to be known as the adopted "Home of Superman" in January 1972.  Metropolis has become more than a comic fan Mecca.  With world-renown events that celebrate the history, hunting and yes, Superman; as well as, an action packed casino  and outdoor wonders that take you through the Shawnee National Forest or even under water through a Boeing 727 Airplane, Metropolis is a town that has been added to many bucket lists! 

Located at the very southern tip of Illinois on the border of Illinois and Kentucky at the intersection of Interstate 24, US Highway 45, and IL Highway 145, Metropolis offers the best small-town America has to offer.  With over 600 hotel rooms, scrumptious locally owned eateries, amazing specialty shops and boutiques, Metropolis provides Southern Illinois Hospitality at it's finest.  

The Stay

harrah's lodging.png

With over 600 hotel rooms ranging from 4 - Stars to Economy, Metropolis is sure to meet your lodging needs.  

Locally owned eateries abound in Metropolis. From elegant cuisine to the best burger you ever put in your mouth, Metropolis will satisfy your craving for great food.


The Food

MSC Superkid.JPG

From celebrating Superman to bringing our rich history to life, Metropolis is a fun place to be.  Even if you aren't visiting for an event, there is always something fun for visitors of all ages. 

The Fun

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